My wedding was ruined because reasons

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    I always enjoy the posters that create an account months after the wedding happened to cry about insignificant details that weren't perfect. This poster is upset two months after the wedding because no one filmed the ceremony, and the best man was replaced by her husbands female best friend. She was a fucking whore who wore a knee length dress to the poster's "victorian-esque" wedding and the poster didn't want any women showing leg.

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    .... What. The. Fuck.
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    Get on with your life. Fuck.
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    You want people to dress a certain way, buy them a dress yourself. You want a message passed on, do it yourself. And grow up and get the fuck over it.
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    you want your wedding filmed, HIRE A VIDEOGRAPHER.
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    MTE Celery.
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    You want a woman to wear trousers, you buy her the trousers!
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    ...all I hear is blah, blah, blah. I'm an asshole who doesn't care about how good my life is.
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    So, she's mad that no one pulled their phone or camera out during the ceremony, instead focusing on the couple. Great.

    Also, some Bees have real beef with their guys having female friends. While I'm sure a number of them may have legitimate concerns, the majority are probably insecure.
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    I love how she mentions the dress and flowers for being reasons for her day being great but nothing about her husband except how resentful she is of his actions. Sounds like a fucking peach.
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    They did pay for the dress. Her husband's friend came over to her house one night while she wasn't there, and they picked out something she liked. But not what the wife to be wanted. I'd be kind of side-eyeing all of that as well if I were her.
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    Honestly, I'm still in the camp of fuck your stupid problems, my grandma died on my sister's wedding day.

    ETA: I've been thinking about my grandma more in the last couple days because Mother's Day and her birthday are coming up.
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    Knee length dress! Hoe scandalous.

    ETA: leaving that typo right there.
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    Babby fix everything.
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    The whore best man will probably ruin babby too, with her slutty legs tempting men to dump their baby batter into her first.

    What a hussy.
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    How dare her guests not film her wedding, for free with their own phone/devices?? How dare this slut show up showing calf rather than buying a floor length gown last minute??
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    @Comet lol, I had it right the first time, doubted myself and changed it. Now I give up.
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    If that is the case, I'd be irritated too. It would be the fact of being out money for the dress and not being included in the conversation. She seems more pissed off about them not following her "vision" and leg being shown. That is petty to me.

    I think she's probably not dealing well with not being the center of attention with a dog and pony show to micromanage. I think that is what "post wedding blues" is for a lot of these posters. They're attention whores who got a hooked on the drama of their wedding. She needs a fix of being the center of the universe.
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    I mean, if the woman was on her FI's side, not the bride's, wouldn't he be the one to choose what she wore?
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    I just can't understand brides who want their friends to do vendor things for free and then are surprised it turns out crappy. Just pay someone to do it if you want a wedding video. But don't just bark orders and then be devastated when people misunderstand or don't come through.
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    Almost four years later, I still remember that I didn't get enough cake.

    It was damn good cake.
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    I didn't get enough cake either. The only bite I got was the one M fed me. And that was from the layer that he chose the flavor for, so I didn't even get to taste the flavor I picked. :sad: #WeddingRuined
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