Netflix and Spill (and Sometimes Amazon Prime)

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by lrrr, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. allmaple

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    Wat. You don't need to pair up random couples just to make sure regular cast members end up with regular cast members. Emma and Spinner are no Zack and Kelly.
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  2. BigFatGoalie

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    I loved the Netflix Degrassi. Trash indeed, but so good.
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  3. Honey

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    We just sent back our last Netflix DVD. It sat unwatched for weeks. We're streaming only now. It's the end of an era. :sad: I remember when we had a five DVDs at a time plan because our film consumption was that fervent.
  4. yesmaster

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    Spinner and Emma made no sense. It was a movie special and they went to Niagara Falls with Manny and Jay, got drunk and woke up married (something that doesn't happen here). They also showed them all dressed up at the casino, also something that doesn't happen here. The rest of the movie they were trying to get a quickie divorce and then realized they were in love with each other and had a wedding with all their friends and family. Emma asked Snake to give her away, which was nice. The two actors have NO chemistry though, it was a really awkward pairing. I think they wanted to give them a nice send off since they were the last two original TNG cast members still on the show?

    I finished OITNB this weekend. I absolutely did not see that death coming. Even when it was happening I thought maybe Bailey would die, or Crazy Eyes would get dragged off to psych never to be heard from again. When the episode ended I had to wait a few minutes before moving on because I was so upset.
  5. Aw Pigley

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    That scene was really upsetting! I felt like I saw it coming though. :sad: As soon as he put his knee on her I was like wow, he's going to crush her. But didn't think he actually would!
  6. Tumnus

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    All the feels. That was a rough season but I thought it was much better than S3.

    As soon as Judy King promised her a job I should have known something was going to happen. Lori Please was great and I hated Piper less this season.
  7. lrrr

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    MFW I've only watched 1 episode of OITNB, but read all the spoilers in this thread anyway:

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    Finished OITNB last night. Holy shit.
  9. android

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    This latest season depressed me. I've binge watched previous seasons but I couldn't with this one. Especially the last two episodes :sad:
  10. CoolWife

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    Same. I waited a while after the second to last one to watch the finale.
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  11. Canaligator

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    I can't remember if I mentioned this already, but I thought for some reason that the season was 12 episodes, so I thought the second to last WAS the last one. I sat there stunned like, they are really ending it here?!? Then I realized there was another one but I had to take a break before watching.
  12. Cashmere Bandit

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    For those who share my, uh, slightly more childish taste in media, the Netflix How To Train Your Dragon series is pretty good. The latest season delved into some weird, not-really-for-children territory, and I'm not sure it made me like it more or less.
  13. A. Ham

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    Okay I'm a little later than the rest of you but I just finished OITNB.
    I actually saw a spoiler on tumblr about Poussey but it was even more heartbreaking than I thought it would be. When Taystee got on the floor with her I lost it. This is the saddest one yet. I thought this season was the best but there was so so much going on it's kind of hard to process. What a cliffhanger to leave us on, too--like we want that guard to be gotten rid of but then Diaz is going to go to max and never see her baby, right? How the heck am I supposed to wait a whole year to find out what happens?

    Also what is wrong with me that I kind of like Pennsatucky and that guard? Like in real life I'd be Boo in this situation, never ready to forgive a rapist. I don't know wtf is going on there that makes me a bit heartsick that he might quit. I guess I don't want her to be lonely.
    Anyway having an ending like that is kind of shitty when they know that most people watch the whole season in a couple of weeks and then have like 50 weeks to go til the next one. I'm tempted to do a couple days of background work on it just to get a hint. (Except not really because it sucks.) Actually it does film near here, a lot of things do, but this season was the first time I recognized something for sure on this show: the ice cream place where that guard worked is a real one.
  14. Manhands

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    I've been inspired by the Pokemon Go thread to watch the Pokemon anime. I'm a cartoon geek anyway, but I think it's really adorable. I really want a pet Caterpie! I just don't understand why it is that Meowth can talk and the others can't. Then I remember it's a cartoon and doesn't have to make sense.
  15. Honey

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    IIRC, there's a storyline at some point in the series explaining why that particular Meowth can talk.
  16. Manhands

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    Even though he's a "bad guy", I love him! He's so funny, and clearly smarter than his human partners.

    I'm curious to see if they can Mr. Mime not a thing straight from my nightmares. I know he makes an appearance on the show at some point.
  17. moose

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    Haven't scrolled through the thread, but has anyone watched Stranger Things?
  18. lrrr

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    I watched 2 eps. I hope it gets better. It feels a bit slow so far.
  19. BigFatGoalie

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    Watched a really good documentary this week: Top Spin. It follows three teenagers as they prepare for the Olympic ping pong trials ahead of the London Olympics. Fascinating to see the sport like this, and the kids were super sweet. They didn't seem to have crazy parents either.
  20. RoryGilmore

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    I really dug Stranger Things. I thought the kid actors were pretty incredible.
  21. Vespidae

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    My rooster is bugging me to watch it, but my list is so long already. One day.
  22. fantasynerd

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    R and I watched the first episode, then 30 Rock before bed, so naturally after the dogs started barking at something outside I set the alarm, which I don't usually do...
  23. fantasynerd

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    I watched the very first episode of Pokémon. It was delightful.
  24. A. Ham

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    Is anyone else having trouble with netflix at the moment? When I went there just now it had signed me out and when I tried to log back in it said there were technical difficulties and to try again in a few minutes. Wondering if this is a widespread thing or not. In any case you now know how I spend my Saturday nights.
  25. Honey

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    Twitter says Netflix is down. Amazon was doing that shit to me last night. I need to binge more Veronica Mars, fuckers!