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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by lrrr, Jun 10, 2016.

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    I love it! The Pokemon are all adorable. Even the bad guys are cute. I love Bulbasaur and Haunter. I really wish I could play the game :sad:
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    I want it now.

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    I really recommend that anyone who is enjoying Pokémon GO or thinking about picking up a Pokémon game try one of the games for handheld Nintendo consoles. You can pick up a used Nintendo DS online or at Gamestop for a pretty good price. The original Pokémon Red and Blue games can be downloaded from the Nintendo e-shop for like $5. They're fun. Do it. All the cool kids are doing it.
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    You just read my mind about the DS. Actually, I've been considering getting an 8' Android pad just to play Pokemon Go. The scavenger hunt aspect really appeals to me. Sadly, I'm getting ready to spend a fortune on a home improvement project. The brakes on my car just went too :sad:. I'd much rather buy the Android than get brakes. Who needs a car to play Pokemon? Adulting fucking sucks.
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    Just finished Stranger Things. Loved it. So spooky and charming.
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    I take it back. Ended up loving this show, especially the music.
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    We just finished it today. It was awesome, I'm looking forward to Season 2. The sound and look of it were fantastic.
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    Why did it take me so long to start watching Peaky Blinders? My life needed more Cillian Murphy. Although working a day shift job has severely impacted my ability to binge watch :lol:
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    Tom Hardy is in Peaky Blinders too?!?! How did I miss this and overlook this show for so long?
  12. lrrr

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    People who watched Stranger Things, why do you think...
    Nancy stayed with Steve?
  13. I think Nancy stayed with Steve because he sort of proved himself by sticking around and fighting off the monster. Also she's in high school and Steve is popular, a jock, and cute.
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    I agree with Bong. Plus,
    she doesn't want to be known as a slut, and she was with him first.
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    @allmaple that show is awesome!!

    I wondered about that too. Maybe because he sort of redeemed himself at the end and saved her?

    Eta I agree with Bong and NL
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    Binged on Stranger Things this weekend. A podcast I listened to suggested this although I initially saw it recommended and was all 'STFU you're wrong'.

    I freaking loved it. Season 2, come to me.

    This did not surprise me at all. Jonathan was a creepy loner who took pictures of the popular kids having a house party. Despite their shared goal of killing the beast, she didn't seem into him.
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    It's on my list of things people have been telling me to watch. I'm finishing up Bojack season 3 right now though, so I can probably switch over shortly
  18. scotchbutter

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    I basically agree with above comments, but I think she'll break up with him and get with good old Jonathan if Season 2 is a continuation of Season 1. And even though I really wanted Nancy and Jonathan together, I actually kind of liked that they wrote her to stay with Steve. I think it was a little last minute surprise and is likely what would have happened in real life.

    I haven't seen the newest season yet but we binge watched the first two and OMFG. I'm not really one for thinking male actors/celebs are hot, but Cillian Murphy is like the hottest person I've seen on TV in some time. Like, J and I watched it together and I almost felt weird.

    Also, I love the show because of the time period and sets and costumes. I think it does a great job bringing you into that world. Reminds me of Boardwalk Empire, which I also loved.
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    It's 8 episodes. You can marathon it.
  20. Manhands

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    I'm on episode 7 of Stranger Things. It's really good, and I love what a good job they did of recreating the eighties. I think the kid actors are great, and it's good to see Winona Ryder again, even if she is playing the same hysteric she always gets cast as. The most disturbing part of the whole film is Matthew Modine. I've loved him since And the Band Played On (an excellent film about the beginning of the AIDS epidemic based on the book, and highly recommended). When did he get so damn old? I'm not used to him being the creepy bad guy either, but he did a great job.
  21. moose

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    do you guys think Eleven is still around? Why else are there Eggos hidden in the woods?
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    Stranger Things is in my instant queue for when we take a break from binging The X-Files.
  23. Manhands

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    It's hard to tell. It could be a red herring. I hope they get her back next season.
    Rumor is next season will be a different story. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
  24. HBC

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    It works for AHS
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  25. fantasynerd

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    I am positive she's still around. You don't establish that she likes Eggos, and then have the Sheriff bring some to a weird thing, just as a red herring.

    I don't believe they'll do an entirely new story and it wouldn't be my preference, but if it's well done then I'd be okay with that.
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